'Homeland’ Trailer Features Next Prestige Drama Cliché

Can we stop with the teenage daughter sexting storyline please?


Dana Brody, the troubled, sexting teen of "Homeland."

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'Homeland' Trailer Features Next Prestige Drama Cliché

Showtime posted the official trailer for its upcoming season of "Homeland" Friday, following up the mysterious, dialogue-only teaser it released last month.

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The trailer featured many scenes that will have fans of the Emmy-winning drama salivating. Carrie and Saul are coming to terms with most of their CIA colleagues being blown to smithereens. The Brody family faces scrutiny now that their war hero-cum-terrorist father is public enemy No. 1. Brody is bald, hiding out in who knows where. An investigation is being launched into last season's terrorist attack. And the mysterious agent Peter Quinn is still around, tinkering with wires and running from bad guys.

It also including a hint of what may be the next prestige drama cliche: Dana, the teenage daughter, sending a "sext."

Sexting has been the premise of many a "Law and Order: SVU," a topic on "Degrassi" and other teen soaps, and played for laughs on comedies like "Girls." But it's also catching on in the world of prestige drama, with "Ray Donovan" most recently featuring its title character's teen daughter snapping some naughty pics.

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While the convention hasn't reached the prevalence of, say, the anti-hero, its inclusion in the third season of "Homeland" still suggests a worrisome trend. It's like all the television writers read the same New York Times Snapchat story and thought, "What a fresh, sexy way to illustrate teenage rebellion?"

Furthermore, pretty much every critic agreed that "Homeland" got derailed last season by another confounding Dana subplot, when she was in the middle of a deadly hit-and-run accident with the vice president's son. Why is the show making her youthful indiscretions the focus again? Is it too much to ask for that the kids keep their clothes on, or at least stay clothed in front of their iPhone cameras?

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