Meet the 3 People Who Want to Beat Lindsey Graham

The primary game is just getting started in the Palmetto State.


Three Republicans have already announced their intentions to run against Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., in South Carolina's Senate race.

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Richard Cash was the first candidate to challenge Graham in the primary. Cash entered politics in 2010 when he ran for Congress in the primary against Rep. Jeff Duncan. He lost, but it was close, pundits remember.

"This is the best grass roots guy I have ever seen," says Woodard who worked on Duncan's campaign in 2010. "We couldn't beat him. He had a ground war like I had never seen."

Pundits agree that Cash is popular among conservative evangelical voters and has established himself as a small business owner in the community. He owns a "fleet of neighborhood ice cream trucks" and a used car dealership.

"I am a complete outsider to the political establishment; however, this is not my first involvement in politics," Cash said in a letter on his website. "I know how to run, I know how to fight, and I am ready to go."

Conservative groups like Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity say they are watching the race closely, but have not endorsed a candidate yet.

Pundits in the state says that Graham may be able to escape a primary bloodbath, but only if the field continues to widen and no one candidate establishes themselves as the leader.

"Graham is hoping for the Sanford effect where 16 people were in the primary race," says Woodard, referring to Republican Rep. Mark Sanford's successful comeback earlier this year. "The more people who are in them, the more it helps the incumbent."

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