Could Michelle Nunn Be the Candidate to Win Georgia Democrats?

A long primary season and changing demographics work in favor of Michelle Nunn.

Points of Light CEO Michelle Nunn speaks at the launch of A Billion + Change, a national campaign to mobilize billions of pro bono and skills-based service resources by 2013, at a ceremony Nov. 3, 2011, in Washington D.C.

Michelle Nunn, daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Ga, is tied or leads the Republican candidates seeking nomination.

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"It becomes a blood match," Bullock says. "Those two who survived are going to be burning cash so that the Republican who does emerge will be badly bloodied and broke. About the only good news a for the Republicans is that they will have pretty good name recognition."

A long primary season could also force candidates to position themselves further and further to the right, which proved fatal for candidates like then-Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., and Republican Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock in 2012 Senate races.

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"The best thing for Michelle would be if the Republicans fumbled the ball," Bullock says.

Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams, the leader of the Democratic Caucus in the Georgia state house, is confident, however, that Nunn is up for it.

"One of the challenges for translating demography into destiny is making sure you show you reflect the values of the state," Abrams says. "The Republican Party will do their best to create a stereotype of Michelle. Her record, her demeanor and her campaign will reflect she is her own person. This is her election and it is not about anyone else."

Republicans, argue that Democrats are wasting resources by focusing so much energy in Georgia.

"It's a fools errand for Democrats to waste time and resources in Georgia with incumbents like Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich, Mark Pryor and Kay Hagan fighting for their political survival," says Brad Dayspring, communications director for the National Republicans Senatorial Committee. "Every dollar spent in Georgia is one taken from Louisiana, Alaska, Arkansas and North Carolina, and thus a step closer to a Republican Senate majority."

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