Michelle Obama's Newest Initiative: Using Hip-Hop to Fight Obesity

The first lady plans to use hip-hop to help fight obesity.


First lady Michelle Obama is distributing a hip-hop album, complete with music videos, to fight obesity at schools across the country.

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Today, it's a very different story, with half of the school's cafeteria transformed into a space for physical activity, a student advisory board that meets weekly to talk about making the school more healthy, and a recess that involves dancing to hip-hop music – rain or shine.

"We probably don't have one family [in the school] that doesn't have a member touched by diabetes or obesity," Decosta says. "But now, if the weather is good, bad or whatever, we have physical activity every day. We have conversations about what to eat. And we have kids walking around with pedometers, and they want to have more activity, because they want to be recognized as having more steps."

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