Lindsay Lohan Has an Aggressive Post-Rehab Plan

The troubled starlet has 'Chelsea Lately' and Oprah on her agenda.

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Wow, time flies when you're cleaning up your drug habit! This week, Lindsay Lohan finished up her 90-day, court-mandated stint in rehab after pleading no contest to charges of reckless driving and lying to the police.

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This being her seventh time in rehab, it's hard not to assume this will end up being the same old song and dance. Nevertheless, Lohan will be keeping busy while she gets back on her feet:

Step 1: Get out of rehab (Tuesday): The paparazzi caught Lindsay Lohan leaving Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center late Tuesday afternoon, rocking aviators, some weird black stockings and a smile, contradicting reports that she would stay a couple more days. TMZ sources say she will now live with a sober coach as she eases in to the real world. She has also reportedly made a list of "toxic" friends – allegedly 80 people – that she will cut out of her life. Samantha Ronson, LiLo's ex, is rumored to be on the list of bad influences.

Step 2: Promote "The Canyons" (Friday): Lohan missed Monday's New York premiere of her ultra low budget film "The Canyons" (her mom Dina went in her place), but she'll still have to weather the public's reaction when it comes out in select theaters and on video on demand Friday. The reviews have not been great. However, Lohan can take consolation in this singular Variety rave and that others have noted that her performance may actually be the strongest part of the movie.

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Step 3: Host "Chelsea Lately" (Monday, Aug. 5): Chelsea Handler, host of E's late-night talk show "Chelsea Lately," loves to rip on Lohan. But she is also allowing Lohan to guest host her show Monday, as Handler has with her other favorite targets: the Kardashians. The gig affords Lohan a chance to show herself to be a good sport, and talk show appearances seem to be Lohan's strong suit; one of the most endearing LiLo moments of late was when she teared up on David Letterman's "Late Show" earlier this year.

Step 4: Get the Oprah treatment (August and beyond): After four months of negotiations, Oprah's network OWN and Lindsay Lohan cut a rumored $2 million deal for Lohan to appear on Oprah's interview show "The Next Chapter" – where Rihanna and Lance Armstrong have also aired their dirty laundry – and to star on a docu-series for the network. The interview will air August 18 (Oprah is reportedly resting up for it in Italy). The eight-part series will air sometime in 2014, OWN announced at the Television Critics Association press tour, and will be directed by Amy Rice, who also directed a 2009 documentary about President Barack Obama.

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