Presidents on Late Night Talk Shows in Charts

Some presidents like joking around on Jay Leno's couch more than others.

President Barack Obama talks with Jay Leno during the taping of his Oct. 24, 2012, appearance of "The Tonight Show."

President Obama is no stranger to "The Tonight Show" couch, where the White House announced he will be visiting again August 6. After making a speech in Phoenix, Obama will travel to the Burbank, Calif., studio to talk "jobs initiatives and the economy."

But he and his host Jay Leno will likely share some laughs too.

This is Obama's sixth appearance on the show – fourth as president. Even though Obama is the only person to make it to the famous NBC late night show during his presidency, former President Jimmy Carter actually has appeared 11 times – though all since leaving the Oval Office. Here's how they compare with the other recent presidents (including The "Tonight Show's" previous incarnations under Conan O'Brien and Johnny Carson):

(Tierney Sneed/USN&WR)

Of course, Jay Leno is not the only comic yakking it up after the local news. His rival David Letterman of CBS's "Late Show" has also attracted his share of presidential guests, as have other late night talk shows "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report."

(Tierney Sneed/USN&WR)

Add them all together, and Obama has the most late night talk show appearances:

(Tierney Sneed/USN&WR)

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