Texas Abortion Battle About to Get Nastier

Protests over Texas abortion bill marked by chaos, confusion.

Anti-abortion activist Pamela Whitehead of Katy, Texas, argues with a pro-choice activist during the first day of hearings on House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 1 at the Texas State Capitol on July 2, 2013.
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While Busby acknowledges the charged atmosphere of the protests, she claims the anti-abortion side has blown reports of abortion rights activism out of proportion.

"There was one person, a college student, who made a snarky comment of 'Hail Satan.' That was one person. Literally," she says. Busby also noted that reports that people wore coat hangers covered in blood was "a lie." The protests have brought emotion, and also some confusion for both sides. Abortion rights activists say they have plans to launch a "Let Texas Speak" petition - an accidental use of the same name as the anti-abortion prayer group.

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