Wing Walker Dies in Fiery Crash at Dayton Air Show

A veteran stuntwoman and her pilot were killed while performing at the Vectren Airshow in Dayton, Ohio.

A crash at Daytona International Airport on Saturday, June 22, 2013, killed the pilot and veteran wing walker Jane Wicker instantly, leaving spectators in shock.

A crash at Dayton International Airport killed the pilot and veteran wing walker Jane Wicker instantly, leaving spectators in shock and instant mourning.

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A 44-year-old professional stuntwoman who planned to hold a wedding ceremony aboard a plane she performed upon died Saturday in a horrific scene at Dayton International Airport.

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"It is with sad hearts that we announce that Jane Wicker and Charlie Schwenker were tragically killed while performing at the Vectren Dayton Airshow," according to a post on Jane Wicker's Airshow Facebook page. "We ask for your prayers … and privacy of all involved and allow them time to grieve."


Wicker and the 64-year-old pilot, Schwenker, died instantly when the 50 HP Stearman airplane crashed and erupted in flames Saturday afternoon at the Vectren Air Show in Dayton, Ohio. Wicker planned to marry her daredevil fiancé, Rock Skowbo, aboard the plane in 2014, with Schwenker as their officiant, according to the Daily News.

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The NTSB has not ruled out a cause for the crash, according to the AP.

Here is a series of photos leading up to the crash:

Jane Wicker performs at the Vectren Air Show just before crashing. The airplane seemed to stall or catch a wind current.

The left wing of the plane is the first thing to hit the ground.

The tail of the plane, moments before the wreck burst into flame. Note: This image has been altered to blur graphic content.

Smoke rises from the stunt plane.

The crash killed the pilot and the wing walker instantly, authorities said.

Wicker lived in Bristow, Va., and was a mother of two boys.

Schwenker was a 38-year veteran pilot, beginning aerobatics in 1990, according to the Flying Circus Airshow.


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Updated 6/26/13: This post has been updated to blur graphic content in an image of the crash.