'Mad Men' Recap: The Frontier

In the season 6 finale, Don Draper decides to shed his skin.

Jim Cutler (Harry Hamlin) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) are seen in the Season 6 finale of "Mad Men."
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"Well aren't you lucky to have decisions!" Peggy yells at Ted, and rightfully so, when he tells her he won't be leaving his wife. Poor Peggy has been burned, for sure. The episode threw Peggy one bone with Ted's departure: The firm decides to fire Don (at least temporarily; we'll have to wait for season 7 to know for sure) after his derailment of the Hershey meeting, the latest in a long line of reckless workplace behavior he has exhibited this season. This effectively makes Peggy the head of SC&P's creative team in New York. She even takes over Don's old space. Peggy Olsen has come a long way from the secretary's desk to executive corner office.

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But at what cost? Her ascension could read like chapter 1 of the "Can woman have it all?" debate that still rages today. She may be a top dog at her company, but romantic troubles have haunted her, particularly this season (remember that time she impaled her boyfriend?). She may be finding professional success, but a stable relationship – and not to mention the chance to raise a family – doesn't appear to be in Peggy's cards.

On the flip side, the descent of Don Draper ("You going down?" Don's potential SC&P replacement asks him as he enters the elevator) has him turning back to his kids. He takes them to the brothel where he grew up, giving them the first true view they have of the real Dick Whitman. After all the theories that season 6 would bring the death of Megan, it turned out to be the life that Dick created for himself as "Don Draper" – including the cushy ad job and pretty, young wife – that was put to rest.

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