Instagram Rolls Out New Video Capabilities

Users can now take 15-second videos and filter them through 13 new filters.

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The addition of video to Instagram is an attempt to peel traffic away from Vine, Twitter's video-sharing app.

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Facebook rolled out an upgrade to its extremely popular Instagram app Thursday, announcing that users can now record short videos within the photo-sharing service.

Instagram now allows users to take 15-second videos and push them through 13 new artistic filters, complete with a simplified editing system and Cinema, an auto-stabilization feature that eliminates the shakiness often associated with videos shot on mobile devices.

"This is the same Instagram we all know and love, but it moves," Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom said at a press event Thursday.

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The company says that they have been working on the addition for a few years, and the rumor mill picked up steam in the past few weeks after Facebook sent invites for Thursday's event.

"When I think about what Instagram is, I think about moments," Systrom said. "Instagram is no single thing, it is a collection of ideas. Our mission is to capture and share the world's moments."


The addition of video to Instagram is an attempt to peel traffic away from Vine, Twitter's video-sharing app, which allows users to upload six-second video snippets. According to analytics firm Topsy, Vine has surpassed Instagram in the number of links shared on Twitter. There has been a widening gap between the two apps since Vine introduced an Android version at the beginning of June.

Instagram, one of the most popular apps in the world, was acquired by Facebook last year for $715 million. Systrom announced Thursday that Instagram has over 130 million users, who have contributed over 16 billion photos to the service.

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Vine currently has more than 13 million users.

Hours before the Instagram announcement, several upgrades to Vine were teased by the app's co-founders.

Among Vine's upgrades appear to be the ability to create drafts of videos for later publication, an enhanced category section and upgrades to the user interface.

The new Instagram upgrades are immediately available for iOS, with an update for Android expected later Thursday.

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