Democrats Mock Bobby Jindal's Description of Liberalism

Jindal's 2016 hopes could be behind his bold words on liberals.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks to reporters with Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, left, prior to a closed fundraising dinner for the state Republican Party on April 3, 2013, in Jackson, Miss.
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And Mark McKinnon, a Republican strategist and co-founder of No Labels, a moderate group made up of Republicans, Democrats and independents, says Jindal's version of liberalism is just more of the same partisan politics.

"The right makes cartoons out of the left; the left makes cartoons out of the right; and the public is sick of cartoons," he says.

Jindal, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, is also an oft-mentioned presidential candidate and many speculate he's seeking to shore up his conservative credentials ahead of a 2016 primary.

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