Has the GOP Lost Latinos on Immigration?

Latino voters point to Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee as hurting GOP gamble on immigration reform.

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"Latinos are not monolithic voters," says Lizette Escobedo of Mi Familia Vota. "Their votes should not be taken for granted by any political party."

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GOP immigration strategist Brad Bailey, a conservative advocate and founder of Texas Immigration Solutions, says his party must keep the vocal minority from hijacking the issue and robbing the party of future electoral success.

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"These people don't care about the future of the party. They are damaging the Republican Party brand," Bailey says.

He argues that there are a lot of Republicans and leaders in the party who are working overtime to fix the broken system, including Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and John Cornyn, R-Texas.

"Rather than kicking the can down the road and running from it, there are a lot of people addressing the issues," Bailey says. "Senator Rubio and Senator Cornyn are doing a great job."

Rivera says that she hopes more Republicans take a cue from Rubio who has stuck out his neck and taken a political gamble on behalf of the Latino community. She also hopes Rubio continues to lead on the issue even as members of his own party peel away.

"I expect my own senator to lead on this issue. He is [the son of immigrants], he comes from Florida, which has strong ties to the immigrant community and is a part of the gang of eight," she says. "It would be a bad move for him to walk away. It is important he doesn't forget last November."

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