Need an Internship? Try Bidding for It

One website is auctioning off the precious commodity of work experience.


A website auctions of internships to the highest bidder, with the proceeds going to a charity.

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The intern who gets to work at Halpern, for example, will have more of a job-shadow experience, as the company's managing director, Jennifer Burner, describes it. "We are set up in five divisions here at Halpern, and this intern would spend a day with each to understand what they do and how they do it," she writes in an email to U.S. News.

Regardless of length, Charitybuzz says the internships provide access and perhaps a foot in the door for a young wannabe worker.

Yet while new résumé content is a precious commodity, demand for auctioned internships isn't keeping up with supply. Of the 11 internships and apprenticeships on the site now, six have zero bids. Potential bidders have a limited time to show their interest in the opportunities; bidding on all of the internships currently listed closes before the end of June.

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