Newseum to Showcase Ron Burgundy and 'Anchorman'

An exhibit with memorabilia from the 2004 movie will open ahead of the film's sequel.

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Fictional TV anchor Ron Burgundy will join the likes of Tim Russert and other famed reporters when the Newseum honors his contribution to journalism in "Anchorman: The Exhibit," announced Tuesday. The exhibit, which opens in November will include costumes, props and other memorabilia from the 2004 movie "Anchorman," about a 1970s local television news team.

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"For millions of viewers, the news anchor represents the authority and credibility of television news. But anchormen and women also are popular targets for pop culture laughs," Cathy Trost, vice president of exhibits and programs at the Newseum, said in a statement. "The exhibit explores the reality behind the humor of 'Anchorman' and tracks the rise of personality-driven news formats in the 1970s."

In the original film, Will Ferrell stars as the buffoonish anchor for San Diego's Channel 4 Evening News, whose all-male staff must deal with the addition of a female broadcaster, played by Christina Applegate, to their team. Paramount Pictures will be releasing its sequel "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" in December, about one month after the exhibit opens.


Ron Burgundy is not the first fictional figure to be given the Newseum treatment. The recent "Every Four Years" exhibit about journalism during presidential elections included a display showcasing Tina Fey's Saturday Night Live imitation of 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. So called "fake news" hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have also had their own exhibits at the Newseum.

The Newseum statement about the "Anchorman" exhibit also borrowed an iconic line from the original film:

"I'm literally trapped in a glass case of emotion," said Ron Burgundy, commenting on his inclusion in the museum's exhibit.

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