'VEEP' Recap: Love, Hate and Birthday Cake

Selina fights off a "Meyer the Liar" narrative at her daughter's 21st birthday.

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On Sunday's episode of "VEEP," Selina throws her daughter Catherine a 21st birthday at the National Gallery of Art (inspiring one of Jonah's more revolting pick-up riffs: "You look great in an art gallery because you kind of are a work of art. I mean, I know I'd like to nail you up against a wall.")

She calls the party an "epic succeed," unfortunately, it's too soon. A debt ceiling deal, the return of her ex-husband and the resurrection of her old nickname "Meyer the Liar" all derail what should have been a rocking evening.

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Reporters at a Finnish-themed press gaggle breakfast question Mike about Selina's knowledge that one of the hostages rescued from Uzbekistan by the administration was in fact a spy. The potential scandal is a catch-22 for the vice president. As Ben, the White House chief of staff, breaks it down for her, she either says she knew about the spy and lied about it, making her look devious. Or she says she didn't know a spy was with the hostages, making her look clueless.

Not surprisingly, Selina fits into the latter category. But Mike accidentally mentions an old nickname of hers – "Meyer the Liar" – that pushes the narrative towards the former. "How lucky am I that I'm not Selina Mapist or Selina Medophile?" Selina remarks, annoyed how quickly the nickname sticks.

She also must bargain with Mary King, the House Majority Leader, to come to a budget deal to resolve an impending debt ceiling crisis. "If we don't get this done my midnight, we are all going to turn into ugly sisters or get eaten by wolves, or whatever the f-ck happens at the end of that story," Ben reminds her. Mary is known for faking illness as a negotiating technique and this time is no different. As soon as the talks heat up she appears to suffer from a allergy attack, and she and Selina agree to pick up with the deal-making at Catherine's party.

Mary is not the only rival Selina will be meeting at Catherine's 21st. Her ex-husband Andrew will also be in attendance. And even the thought of seeing him gets Selina flustered. As Amy imitates, his presence makes her giddy and giggly, even though she hates him.

"I am going to be the sexiest woman to ever exude fiscal prudence. And you know what? That's a very f-cking tough look to pull off," Selina says, planning what she will wear. Her flirty-little-school-girl act arises weird jealousy issues in Gary, which culminate in him telling her he wants to kiss her later at the party.

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Selina is not the only one with a love interest at Catherine's 21st. Amy brings one of Selina's fundraisers, a sheepish former lobbyist as her date, and Dan seems to get a little jealous himself. But Amy can only spend so much time to tending to her flirtations, as she must put out the love-hate mind games Selina and Andrew begin playing. Amy pulls Selina away to work on the debt deal, and Mary and Selina dip into the bathroom where they can hear each other. There, their negotiating is interrupted by some cat-fighting guests. The two antagonistic politicians can agree on one thing:

"I cannot stand teenage girls," says Selina.

"Were you ever one?" Mary responds.


"Me neither."

Selina asks for the DJ to turn down the music so she can finish up the budget talks with Mary. To the sound of the "chillaxing kind of music," as Selina calls it, they iron out a deal, but also chase out all the guests.

Feeling bad about ruining the party (and needing to address rumors that the former spouses had gotten into a fight), Andrew and Selina take Catherine to Café Milano for a birthday dinner the next night. Their attraction for one another is palpable — "OK, I feel like you are actually going to have sex on this table," fears Catherine. But so is their disgust with one another, which erupts when he tells her his PAC donated to both her party and her opponent's.

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The smartphone-weilding, fine dining masses capture Selina reacting angrily – not to her ex-husband, but to news that the president will be throwing out her and Mary's debt ceiling deal – and the photo goes viral on Twitter instantly. It feeds into the narrative "Meyer the Liar" is only using her family to make herself more likeable, and they actually all hate each other. But awful narratives aside and despite their fight, Selina chases after Andrew after dinner. They can be heard "making up" passionately on the street corner. Poor Catherine is left, family-less, with her birthday cake in the car, only to have Mike beg her for a piece.