Here Are Some of the Things Summer Movies Will Try to Sell You

From Tiffany's headpieces to Warby Parker sunglasses, here's what the blockbusters are selling.


"The Great Gatsby" might be second at the box office, but it's first in commercial tie-ins.

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If you thought a $12 ticket and a bag of popcorn was the last you'd spend on a summer blockbuster, think again. With commercial tie-ins that range from Plaza Hotel room suites to nutritional supplements to automobile tires, the tradition of high-profile product placement and marketing campaigns continues with this season's round of big movies. So here's what you're going to be asked to buy once the movie's done.


The Movie: Pain and Gain

The Partnership: Marked Nutrition (in conjunction with GNC and Rite Aid)

Not only is Mark Wahlberg the face of this nutritional supplement – chatting up the 40 pounds of muscle mass it helped him gain for the Michael Bay film – he is giving it his name too. Wahlberg says he worked with GNC to develop the line of supplements, and those who purchased $39.99 worth of Marked products from GNC, Rite Aid or also received a ticket to "Pain and Gain."


The Movie: The Great Gatsby

The Partnership: Brooks Brothers,Tiffany's, Samsung, Moet Chandon champagne, Fogal hosiery, The Plaza Hotel, Prada and Mui Mui

Baz Luhrmann's epic interpretation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic is the mother of luxury branding (with critics pointing out that in doing so, the film celebrates the commercialistic culture Fitzgerald critiqued). Products spun off from the film include a phone case with Fitzgerald's monumental closing lines, a Brooks Brothers pink linen suit, a $200,000 diamond encrusted Tiffany's head piece and a suite at The Plaza Hotel.


The Movie: Fast and Furious 6

The Partnerships: Dodge, Guess, Continental, Mr. Sub

On the lower end of the market spectrum is the sixth installment of the car chase action series. "Fast and Furious 6" is promoting a Guess clothing line, the Dodge Dart, Continental tires, and a drink-and-sandwich combo at Mr. Sub.


The Movie: The Internship

The Partnership: Google

Though Google reportedly did not have any financial ties to the movie, which stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as 40-something Google interns, the tech giant allowed the filmmakers to shoot on its campus. A few of its high-profile employees cameo in the film and some of Google's most buzzed about products – including Google Glass and a driverless car – make an appearance. The studio is also using Google social media tools like Gooogle+ hangout and Google Play to market the film, and tech bloggers are already praising the relationship as a win-win for both parties.


The Movie: Man of Steel

The Partnership: Warby Parker

The eye glasses company is launching a limited edition line of frames alongside the Superman reboot, unveiling its Clark Kent-inspired designs later this month. The $95 frames will keep with the company's "buy a pair, give a pair" model — for every pair that is bought another will be donated to those in need — and additionally a $15 donation will be made to Dave Eggers' literacy nonprofit 826NYC with every pair purchased.


The Movie: Pacific Rim

The Partnership: a video game by Yuke's Co.

The details of the video game being developed by Japanese video game developer Yuke's Co. alongside the Guillermo del Toro film are still under wraps — screen shots were recently leaked by the Australian Classification Board website. So far, it looks like the game will feature the gigantic robots and sea creatures battling it out like much of the action in the film (the company has also developed WWE- and UFC-themed wrestling games).

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