'Game of Thrones' Recap: Love and Loyalty

The fight for Westeros is getting wrapped up in a lot of feelings.

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Love is in the air throughout the seven kingdoms, and even the happiest of couples are stuck trying to come to grips with how their newfound feelings (or lack thereof) will alter the quest for the Iron Throne.

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In King's Landing, everyone is left pouting over Tywin Lannister's marriage decrees. While Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark run off to their own corner of the capital to mope, they are promptly propped up by pep talks from fellow nobility. Margaery Tyrell pulls Sansa out of her self-wallowing, rattling off the virtues of marrying Tyrion: He's rich! He'll please you in bed! He's good looking (for a dwarf)! He's nice (for a Lannister)! Everything is going to be fine!

Across town, Bronn is left spinning the situation into a positive light for Tyrion: Sansa's hot! She's young (but not young enough to have the relationship come off as deviant)! You can have her and the woman you really love! Two women! That's great! Everything is going to be fine!

Except Tyrion is smart enough to know everything is not going to be fine, so he does what many men are wont to do in order to appease an angry partner: He bribes Shae with jewelry. Shae sees right through this gesture, leaving Tyrion to do everything but promise her the Iron Throne itself to prove he truly loves her. Despite his best efforts, Shae remains convinced that Tyrion will cast her aside the minute it proves useful for him to do so.

Proof of affection is still a hot topic between Jon Snow and Ygritte as the wildlings march closer to Castle Black. When the two aren't flirting or making fun one of another (with the latter serving as the vessel for the former), the wilding warg tries to drive a wedge between the two in the hopes that Ygritte will see past Snow's sexual prowess and noble sensibilities, remember her call to arms and come running into his waiting arms.

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This later leads to Snow warning Ygritte that the wildlings' plan is fruitless: He is well aware of their past uprisings and how each attempt has only ended in evisceration. Ygritte then reminds him that whatever danger may lay ahead, the two are bound to stay together, be it because of love or loyalty (with the latter serving as the vessel for the former).

From the signs of a flourishing schoolyard crush to a scene ripped from a romance novel, Robb Stark and his wife, Talisa, are shown in the throes of passion, surrounded by candelabras and bear-skin rugs. As the Starks wait out a storm that has delayed their arrival in the Riverlands, Talisa rocks Robb with news that she is pregnant. Robb is overjoyed with this revelation, a welcome distraction that awards him the leisure of (for at least one night) forgetting about the Lannisters.

For the time being, it seems that the Lannisters have also forgotten about the Starks. King Joffrey is now much more concerned with his governing duties, scolding Tywin for holding small council meetings without his knowledge. He also shares his trepidation over the rumors of Targaryen dragons, which are verified by his grandfather, but are shrugged off as curiosities that pose no real threat to the realm.

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Daenerys Targaryen would probably beg to differ. Fresh off her sacking of Astapor, Dany has remained in a freedom-granting state of mind. She meets with a representative of the Wise Masters, a group of slaverunners that rule Yunkai. She demands that all 200,000 Yunkai slaves be released or she will take her army out for a test spin. The slaverunner counteroffers with boxes full of gold and the promise of a new fleet of ships, noting that the ruling powers of Yunkai can be very generous when they are considered an ally.

However, the only generosity Dany calls for comes in the form of freedom, which the slaverunner takes as a declaration of war. The wise master continues to spew threats at Dany – until one of her dragons finishes the confrontation in his own unique way: