'Game of Thrones' Recap: Love and Loyalty

The fight for Westeros is getting wrapped up in a lot of feelings.

One of Khaleesi's dragons oversees a negotiation. (HBO)

From the freeing of 200,000 people to the imprisonment of one, Theon Greyjoy is still under the barbarous care of a yet-named psychopath, only this week's serving of torture porn is more in the vein of traditional porn. Theon is awoken by two women who proceed – against his best inclinations – to shed their clothing and use him as a sex toy. Theon's instinct proves to be right, as the nameless oppressor leaps from the shadows, replacing the two nymphs with two repulsive henchmen who proceed to make alterations to Theon's manhood.

While freedom is far away for Theon, it is at Jaime Lannister's doorstep. Lannister, freshly patched up, is shipped back to King's Landing in order to be reunited with his family. Before departing, he visits with Brienne one last time, thanking her for her loyalty and swearing to uphold his promise to safely return the Stark girls to their home.

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However, not long into his return route, Jaime learns that Brienne's father made a play for his daughter's return, only to find that the promises Jaime spewed about Tarth's wealth led to an unattainable ransom price.

In previous seasons, Jaime Lannister probably would have continued on his way home, apathetic to the circumstances at hand. Yet, loyalty has a price and a Lannister always repays his debts.

Jaime returns to Harrenhal to find Brienne stuck in the middle of a rudimentary gladiator ring, forced into a deathmatch with a bear. Lannister finds Locke mid-battle and offers him a blank check for Brienne's safety. After Locke refuses, Jaime takes matters into his own hands, diving into the ring, springing Brienne to safety before the bear can tear both of them in two.

Loyalty will only get you so far in Westeros. (Just ask Ned Stark.) However, when the stakes are as high as "you win or you die," a little bit of loyalty can go a long way in helping you survive to fight another day.

Other observations:

- The last scene came off as a little "Anchorman"-ish to me. It's a bit laughable to criticize the authenticity of a "fantasy" show, but the entire premise felt weak.

- The bear used in the final scene has an IMDB page.

- Arya and The Hound will be the new Brienne and Jaime.


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