Poll: Disdain for Justin Bieber Unites Democrats and Republicans

The American people are not Beliebers, says a new poll.


Justin Bieber is not an angel in the eyes of most Americans, a new poll finds.

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What has been a bad couple weeks for Justin Bieber just got a little bit worse. A study done by research firm Public Policy Polling found that a majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents viewed the artist unfavorably. He was the only artist to garner a majority of unfavorable ratings across party lines in the study.

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Other artists viewed unfavorably include Chris Brown and Lady Gaga, though Democrats viewed both artists more favorably than Republicans. Taylor Swift, Adele, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake were all viewed favorably by a majority of respondents, though again, more Democrats reported to favor them than Republicans.


Timberlake was also chosen by a plurality of participants (34 percent) as the artist they would most like to see as president, while Chris Brown and Rihanna were the least popular candidates for the Oval Office (with 5 percent and 2 percent, respectively). Country and classical music were rated the most popular musical genres among participants, while dubstep and rap were ranked among the least.

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Forty percent of respondents say Justin Timberlake should spend his time said making music, over playing golf, acting or getting back together with his former group, N'Sync. A majority prefer that rapper Snoop Lion use his old moniker, Snoop Dogg (56 to 14 percent). A majority (67 percent) also said Rihanna should not get back together with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, with 12 percent of women and 3 percent of men saying that the two should reunite.

Only 17 percent of subjects reported to have "been to the club" – so perhaps as a silver lining for the Biebs, those polled may not be in his target audience.

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