Your Twitter TV Spoiler Solution, Brought to You by a Teenage Girl

Jennie Lamere's "Twivo" will block plot spoiling tweets in its user's timeline.

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Ever have the plot twist of your favorite TV show ruined because you saw a tweet about it before you had a chance to watch it? Well, a high school senior just won a competition to create an app that'll keep those spoilers out of your Twitter stream until you've seen your show.

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Massachusetts teen Jennie Lamere created the app "Twivo" which will block those plot-spoiling tweets in its user's timeline.

With it, she piqued the judges' attention at the Boston TVNext "hackathon" competition last month, where contestants have a limited amount of time to design new codes for apps and programs. Impressive considering Lamere is still in high school, a female in overwhelmingly male field, and about half of her competitors were working in teams—some of them professionals sent in by the event's sponsors ESPN, the Echo Nest and Klout, as reported by Mother Jones.

Lamere says she came up with the idea the night before when she was talking with her dad about what she was going to do for the competition. Their conversation veered to Twitter and television.

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"The real problem is how often my Twitter feed is full of spoilers, so I just tried to come up with a solution to it," explains Jennie, who says "Pretty Little Liars" and "Dance Moms" are often spoiled for her.

At the competition she spent 10 hours creating the code, which redacts tweets that contain the title or characters from particular show for a set period of time.

"By the time I had my app together I was pretty confident," she says.

Twivo won a number of awards, including the competition's grand prize.

Lamere is finishing up her senior year at the Academy of Notre Dame in Massachusetts and plans to study software engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall.

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"I am excited to be getting a formal education in my hobby," she says.

But first, she is working with a tech company to take Twivo to the app market.

"I'm going to try to get the version out in a week or two," she says. "It's going to be free, just an extension from GoogleChrome or FireFox."

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