'VEEP' Recap: Texts From Selina

Selina's team should stick to song writing and stay away from social media.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Vice President Selina Meyer on HBO's "VEEP."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Vice President Selina Meyer on HBO's "VEEP."

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"The Vic Allen Dinner" was the perfect mash-up of recent, real life political memes, and the funniest episode yet of "VEEP." Selina starts the episode running high on the popularity reaped from last week's successful rescue mission of kidnapped Americans (though she is still being haunted by the leg lost by one of the soldiers involved). Her staff is busy writing her a parody song for the Vic Allen Foundation dinner (a Gridiron knock off, it seems, where politicians perform comedy routines), though this being "VEEP," all won't be well for long.

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Her first (of many) stumbles comes when the White House releases an official photo from the situation room (a reference to this famously meme'd photo) in which Selina, video conferencing in, is looking at her phone rather than the action at hand. "It looks like I'm tweeting when a guy loses his leg!" Selina gasps, and soon it inspires a Texts From Hillary-like internet sensation (though far less flattering).

Meanwhile, the rest of Selina's staff has grown restless. Sue is interviewing for another job. Dan is sucking up to Kent (though he is undermined by Mike, who bonds with Kent over their sailboats – and pays the price for it later). Even Gary (Gary!) is feeling blue, worried that Selina doesn't like that he has a new girlfriend. To make matters worse, the much-despised Jonah has been granted a parking spot in the elite west executive lot, a privilege so brag-worthy that he leases a car (a Nissan Cube, no less) just to use it.

Selina appears to regain her balance when her performance at the Vic Allen dinner is a smashing success. Kent tells her, in the spirit of bipartisanship, she could not make fun of the Speaker of the House as planned, so Mike and Dan (or "Rogers and Hammersh-t" as she calls them) write a song mocking Kent, a parody of "50 Ways to Lose Your Lover" called "50 Ways to Win in Denver." She steals the show, particularly from her political rival, Donny Chung, the military vet who wants to be the president as desperately as Selina does. "You killed better than Chung killed, and he's actually killed," Mike praises.

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Selina also is making peace with her staff, giving Sue a raise to keep her from jumping ship and agreeing to dine with Gary and his girlfriend. Kent, likely in retribution for the song, steals Mike, his favorite first-mate, from Selina's staff in order to utilize him for Kent's data project wet dream. In exchange, Kent is sending Selina to an international conference in Europe and throwing in Jonah to boot (though that's not really a good thing), who vows to beef up Selina's social media presence.

At lunch, Selina gets to know Gary's girlfriend and her awful catch phrase ("You know I'm right!"). Yet another PR disaster interrupts their meal, as mobs in Europe have broken out over some politically incorrect lyrics in Selina's parody song (maybe, "Don't be European, Ian / Say screw France, Lance," was not such a good idea after all). Turns out Jonah had posted the video to her newly minted Tumblr (in life imitating art, the Obama White House just created its own Tumblr – no international crises there yet). Needless to say, Jonah gets punished: He loses that prime parking spot, leaving him stuck with a car that looks like a shoe box.

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