Drone Used in San Francisco Wedding Proposal

San Francisco man used a drone to propose to his girlfriend.

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Drones have been used to deliver bombs, burritos and beer, but earlier this month, one was used to deliver an engagement ring to one San Francisco would-be bride.

Jason Muscat used an unmanned hexacopter to fly the ring to his now-fiancee, Christina Dam, in San Francisco's Alamo Square. In a video posted to YouTube, the drone is used to get an aerial shot of the couple, who are making a video for their baby (Christina is pregnant in the video).

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Dam apparently doesn't have any particular affinity for drones – when she spots it, she says "it's like one of those little copter thingies."

"It's like a little alien," she says. "It looks like a robot."

On a blog post describing the event, Muscat says he decided to use the coptor "riffing off of the drone topic that's been so prevalent this year." He enlisted the help of wedding photographer Chris Geiger, who uses the drone to capture aerial footage at weddings.

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"It was nerve-wracking to place the [ring] in the hands of a stranger, especially one who intended on flying it around among trees and buildings," Muscat writes. But Geiger "was an absolute pro, piloting and landing the drone coptor perfectly."

After the drone lands a few feet from them, Muscat unveils an engagement ring tied to the top and proposes, using the drone's camera to capture the moment. And for the record, she said yes.

It's probably safe to say it was one of the first times a drone was used to deliver love.

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