Boston Bombing Suspect Taken Alive

Suspect taken into custody after hiding in boat in Watertown, Mass.


A police officer holds a shotgun in Watertown, Mass., at the scene of the arrest of a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.


Police took the Boston Marathon bombing suspect into custody alive Friday evening after finding him hiding in a covered boat in Watertown, Mass.

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Suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev was whisked away in an ambulance after police cornered him hiding in a boat underneath a canvas top in a yard in Watertown, Mass., following a day in which that town and the city of Boston were locked down. That followed the death of another suspect, Dzhokhar’s brother Tamerlan, in a shootout with police in the early hours of Friday morning.


The brothers were the target of a massive manhunt following their identification in surveillance video as the suspects who planted two bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday. That attack left three people dead and more than 170 injured, a ghastly event that was the worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

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The brothers hail from Russia, reportedly Chechnya and Kyrgyzstan, and came to the U.S. some years ago and attended  local schools in and around Boston. While various news reports described them as “radicalized” Islamists, the evidence is sketchy.

Law enforcement officials had expressed interest in capturing one of the suspects alive as they will want to know whether the brothers had ties to foreign extremist groups or whether they were the “lone wolf” category of terrorist who might be inspired by the actions of others.

The police effort to capture the two was unprecedented and involved images of police and FBI agents going door to door in scenes reminiscent of war zones.

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Many questions will now be asked about how the brothers obtained their bomb-making skills, which involved packing a pressure cooker with nails and BBs to exact maximum damage in a crowded area of Boston.

There will also be questions about how the pair came to the U.S. and whether they returned to their native lands to receive training as part of a worldwide terror campaign against the U.S. 

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