Behold the Rise of the Summer-Concert-Industrial-Complex

Here are the artists you are likely to see if you are going to a music festival this summer.

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Are you a fan of The Lumineers? Will you be at a music festival this summer? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, then you're in luck, because chances are they'll be there too.

We surveyed the line-ups of 11 of the music festivals on our radar — see the graph below. The Lumineers will be at seven of them (including Coachella, which is currently underway) and that's not counting the all the music festivals abroad in which the folk-rock band will be participating.

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They are not the only artists keeping up an active presence the festival circuit this summer. Hip-hopper Kendrick Lamar will be at six of the 11 concerts we tallied. Atlas Genius, Alt J, Grizzly Bear, the Japandroids and Phoenix will be at five of them.

Summer festivals have been a staple on the music scene for decades – the Newport Folk Festival since the 1950s. Most were inaugurated with a specific identity and genre in mind, often tied to their location. Yet in recent years, a certain musical-festival-industrial-complex has arisen, as evidenced by the wide slate that bands like The Lumineers are playing.

Though music has gotten increasingly more fragmented, music festivals have gotten more diversified in their offerings. At Coachella or Bonaroo — or their younger, smaller wannabees like Firefly and Sweetlife — you'll see the best in rap, R&B, electronic dance (which has its own, year-round festival circuit), folk-rock and alternative rock all headlining the same weekend.

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A few legacy festivals have resisted this model to some extent. The New Orleans Jazz Festival still features hundreds of jazz bands alongside the folk, classic rock, gospel and other acts; and even their non-jazzy headliners like Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac and John Mayer are artists one would imagine at least like jazz.

Yet more and more, festivals with a variety of genres, buoyed by serial-festival-performers like The Lumineers and Lamar, are becoming the norm.

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