Pulitzer Recognizes New Direction for Old School Journalism

Pulitzer Prize-winning InsideClimate News stands out for its reporting as well as its business model.

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With the Pulitzer recognition, Sassoon says InsideClimate wants to raise funds to expand their staff to 20 or 25, including a few non-editorial operational members, and establish a centralized office likely in New York (its contributors now work only virtually, some based in locations as far as Tel Aviv and India). "It will help us take our next steps and come to full scale," says Sassoon.

They also hope to translate the prize into a wider audience: "How do we get these important stories that we're doing to as many eyeballs possible?," says White.

Pulitzer prizes alone won't guarantee their model is sustainable. "To be successful, they are going to need diversify their revenue streams," says Jurkowitz, as foundations alone can be hard to count on.

But if young organizations like InsideClimate can grow to survive in the long term, then this Pulitzer will mark an important milestone for this avenue of journalism. "This shows the traditional craft of storytelling is still intact, and the investigative part is still intact," says White. "You now have to find different ways to do your work."

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