Gang of 8 Starts Sales Pitch on Immigration Reform

Rubio reaches out to GOP senators to build momentum for immigration.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio talks about immigration reform.

Sens. Marco Rubio, John McCain and Chuck Schumer have different ideas on whether the Senate should tackle immigration reform with one large bill or multiple small ones.


Graham and Rubio are optimistic that their colleagues will be able to come around to comprehensive reform if they see theDemocratic leadership making the effort to dive into the bill through a long committee process and with a lively debate on the Senate floor.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled two hearings.

"The wind is to our backs this time, but keeping a close relationship with our conference on both sides is going to be important," Graham says. "You are going to have a chance to read the bill, you will have a chance to amend the bill, you will have a chance to make it better, you will have a chance to kill it. Nobody is going to be blindsided."

When asked how it felt to finally be done drafting the bill, Rubio, running up the stairs responded "Well it's just the beginning. There is a long way to go. That is like asking me what it feels like 30 seconds into a game."