'The Voice' Fantasy League

Who said fantasy leagues are just for sports?

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If watching Shakira bat off the sexual innuendos thrown out by her fellow coaches isn't reason enough for you to watch "The Voice," NBC's singing competition, we're here to provide you with another.

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Introducing The Voice Fantasy League, inspired by this charming Facebook page. Nothing makes watching aspiring singers get their hearts broken by semi-respectable music stars more fun than some friendly competition among friends. So round up a crew of pals who have four hours to spare each week, or at least the discipline to check a Google doc every once in a while, and play along. Here are the rules:

(Note: When we refer to the coaches in the rules, we mean Usher, Blake, Shakira, Adam – the very rich celebrities being paid even more money to sit in a chair in a couple hours a week – not you and your friends.)

The Draft

With the blind auditions over, the coaches have settled on their teams, so this week it is time for you to draft your own. Use a lottery to pick an initial order and continue to draft in a rotisserie pattern (1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, repeat...). Those of you who missed the blind auditions (because what else did you have to do during those nine hours of your life?) can check out the constants' bios and performances here. Teams must be drafted by next Monday's episode.

The Battle Round

The next series of episodes will be the "Battle Round," in which coaches pick two members of their teams to sing a duet. The coach then picks one winner who will move on and the loser will be eliminated, unless another coach steals the loser for his team. (Each coach gets two steals). The winner of each battle round gets 10 points, the loser gets 0, unless he or she is stolen, in which case, the contestant gets 5 points.

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Knockout Round

Pairs of within each coach's team again must compete against one another. This time they will sing one after the other, only finding out who they are competing against minutes before their performances. Coaches again choose a winner to stay and a loser to be eliminated, but this time, there are no battle rounds. Winners of this round will get 20 points, losers 0.

Live Performance Round

In this round, the performers from each coach's team compete head-to-head and the public will choose who moves on. The two with the least votes will be eliminated. Those who move on get 40 points.

Final Round

The final winner of The Voice is chosen by the public. That contestant wins 60 points.

We will be keeping track of all the points at this Google doc here. Check back after every round to see where your contestants stand.

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