Top Equality Avatars (And YouTube Sensations) Amid Gay Marriage Debate

Did you take a stand behind your keyboard?

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While the high court has heard arguments for and against gay marriage this week, social media users have been making a minimal effort to let their followers know where they stand. News feeds are now awash with some variation of the Human Rights Campaign symbol of equality, the equal sign.

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These "joiners" have made it very difficult to tell one's friends apart. But they've also proven that a small action can be an effective show of solidarity.

One might say calling your respective Congress person would be more effective, and they might be correct. (Find yours here and here.) While you're dialing, check out this roundup of clever equality avatars:

 Some turned to their pets for inspiration.

Others paid homage to video games.

Oh Myyy! These are from George Takei's Facebook page.

"From a friend. One day we'll look back and say, "This is where we drew the lion." -Takei

"A bit of divisive math humor." - Takei

"And for our friends in the South..." -Takei

And for the artists.

Sometimes simple is best.

And what would social media be without some YouTube ribbing?

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NOTE: These avatars were retrieved from Facebook.