5 'House of Cards'-Style Things Mindy Kaling Can Do This Weekend

Here's how the sitcom star can live out the fantasies of the Netflix political drama.

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Last night, Mindy Kaling tweeted, "Hey I'm going to be in D.C. this weekend, what is fun for me to do, ie House of Cards-style?" Being fans of both the Netflix political drama and Kaling's FOX comedy, "The Mindy Project," we thought we would offer up some suggestions for her query. Though set in Washington, D.C., "House of Cards" is filmed in Baltimore, so Mindy she will have to use her imagination a bit. But if she is anything like her rom-com-loving, playful "Mindy Project" character Mindy Lahiri, we're sure she'd be game.

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1. Eat some barbecue: Francis Underwood loves Freddy's Barbecue, a hole in the wall mecca of South Carolina cooking. Unfortunately for Mindy (and for D.C. residents) no such place exists. So we have two suggestions: Hill Country Barbecue, which, in what it lacks in mom-and-pop appeal it makes up in a lively weekend scene (something Mindy Lahiri certainly can appreciate). Or, if she is looking for a true local gem, and top notch, heart-attack-inducing food (though not exactly barbecue), look no further than Ben Chili's Bowl, the historic U Street haunt that even President Obama cannot resist.

2. Run along the Rock Creek Parkway: Claire Underwood loves her scenic runs and there are plenty scenic paths throughout D.C. Mindy should take the scenic Rock Creek Parkway for some of the best views of the capital. Steer clear of the creepy cemeteries.

3. Visit the National Gallery: The infamous scene where young reporter Zoe Barnes and Francis Underwood meet to work out their deal was actually shot at the Baltimore Museum of Art. But D.C.'s National Gallery of Art has a top-notch collection and plenty of quiet galleries and empty benches where Mindy can pretend she is courting a congressman.

4. See the Kennedy Center: Zoe and Francis's tangled relationship began when he was photographed checking out Zoe's, ahem, assets, as she walked into the opera. The picturesque Kennedy Center—also featured on the series's opening credits—is where Washington movers and shakers go to take in the theatrical arts.

5. Check out the Capitol: It's a cliche and likely on every D.C. to-do list, but Mindy should still include seeing the Capitol on her itinerary. Perhaps she can call the House Majority Whip's office directly to see if they will give her a tour. Or she can sneak around the grounds at night, and hope to catch an ambitious reporter or politician up to no good.

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