A Former Admissions Officer Assesses 'Admission'

What the new Tina Fey flick got right--and wrong--about the college admissions process.


Tina Fey as admissions officer Portia Nathan in "Admission."

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"The worst week of admissions was the 10 days after decisions came out because you waited for all the irate alums to call, 'What do you mean you didn't take this kid?' You just didn't even want to go to work. You wanted to hide and not return phone calls," says Hernandez.

The drama of angry phone calls aside, Hernandez says it's not surprising there wasn't more of a focus on the day-in, day-out of her old job. "The majority of admissions is drudgery, and if anything, they didn't get enough of the drudgery because of course it would be boring in a movie to watch a lot of drudgery."

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