Should You See Spring Breakers? A Quiz

Spring Breakers is hilarious, horrifying, trashy and titillating; it just isn't for everyone

Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and Vanessa Hudgens play co-eds gone wild in "Spring Breakers."

Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and Vanessa Hudgens play co-eds gone wild in "Spring Breakers."


What is your idea of the perfect spring break? Is it relaxing on the beach? Sipping mojitos? Or is it befriending amateur rappers, robbing tourists and riding into the sunset while dancing to a Britney Spears ballad?

The latter is how four, bikini-clad co-eds spend their "holiday" in Harmony Korine's "Spring Breakers," which will be delighting teenagers and horrifying their parents nationwide this weekend.

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In the film, Candy (Vanessa Hudgens of Disney's "High School Musical"), Brit (Ashley Benson of "Pretty Little Liars"), and Cotty (Rachel Korine, the filmmaker's wife) rob a chicken restaurant with squirt guns, mallets and ski masks to finance a spring break trip to St. Petersburg, Fla. They bring along Faith (Selena Gomez of Disney's "Wizards of Waverly Place"), a good church-going type flirting with rebellion, and from there their antics only escalate. Some cocaine-fueled partying lands the four young ladies in jail, and they're bailed out by a small-time-rapper-big-time-criminal named Alien (James Franco, in corn rows and a metal grill). He takes the girls under his tattooed wing, bringing them along on crime sprees and introducing them to his interpretation of "The American Dream."

The plot—as ridiculous as it sounds—doesn't do justice to the absurdity of the film as a whole. Drenched in syrupy neon lighting, an army of naked co-eds, a dubstep score, and time jumps that continually upset the narrative, "Spring Breakers" is an eye-popping piece of work. Is it a gender reversed riff on the old "Hangover" formula? A modern, beer-soaked take on "Paradise Lost" ("Spring break, spring break," hisses Alien, playing the diabolical snake)? A satire on the glorification of gangster culture? A 90 minute "Eastbound and Down" episode?

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Whatever "Spring Breakers" is, it certainly isn't for everyone. Here is where we help you out: Take the quiz below to determine if this movie is something you should see:

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