The Highs, Lows and WTFs of Girls's Second Season

Hannah Horvath and the gang made us laugh, cringe and scratch our heads in confusion.

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Hannah's OCD

Pressure from the e-Book she is writing drives Hannah to anxious counting—of potato chips, wedgies ... basically everything. A trip to the therapist reveals Hannah has suffered from OCD before, but her condition never had it been mentioned or hinted at within the show, and her precipitous breakdown was jarring. However, Lena Dunham had her own struggles with OCD, as covered in a Rolling Stone profile that came out (perhaps not coincidentally) a few weeks before the storyline, so we will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Hannah's revolving roommate door

Hannah started the season by kicking out her BFFL (best friend for life) Marnie in exchange for her exBF-GBF (ex boyfriend-gay best friend) Elijah. Fine. Elijah was hilarious—from his sugar daddy boyfriend, to his collection of cardigans, to his dream of breeding show dogs. He soon hit the curb for sleeping ("It was like three pumps!") with Marnie. Fair. Next came Jessa, whose stay was brief, but with some memorable moments (like this exchange: "This book is not going to matter. It's not going to matter to the people who read it, or to you." "You are so mean when you are depressed!") and she, too, was gone with the wind. Hannah finished out the season living by herself, though we don't know how, since 30 percent of Season 1 was her not being able to pay even half of her rent.

Hannah's attempt at a Carey Mulligan hair cut

It's cute you called Laird to help and all, but no, Hannah. Just no.

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