Inequality Is Back, But Should You Care?

A viral video has everyone talking about the 1 percent again, but is inequality really hurting anyone?


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As for the question of where U.S. inequality is coming from, Mitchell says he fears that corporate influence in Washington may be creating inequality of what he might call the Mexican or Argentinian type. That is, he believes that big banks and healthcare companies are skewing the system in their own favor via legislation like Dodd-Frank and healthcare reform.

If that's true--that those at the top are able to entrench their places at the top, at the expense of others--it is reason to angrily hit the share button. As Cunningham says, the problem with being poor isn't just being poor; it's the difficulty of becoming richer.

"It's about opportunity," he says. "That's one of the greatest tragedies of low income: it limits opportunities for the future, individuals, and families."