Democrats Vow to Honor Obama's Call to Liberal Action

Dems say they will use Obama's campaign arm for legislative action.


Pundits and conservatives labeled Obama's second inaugural address a liberal call to arms.

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If Republicans thought President Barack Obama was progressive in his inaugural address Monday, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a firebrand during her speech at the group's winter meeting on Tuesday.

The Florida congresswoman, who was recently re-elected to a second two-year term heading the organization, took just a few moments to reflect on the Democratic successes of the 2012 election before echoing Obama's call for action.

"So what now? Where will we walk together over the next four years? As President Obama told us yesterday, there is a lot to do," she said.

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Though her party failed to re-take control of the House from Republicans, Wasserman Schultz said Democrats were able to "beat back the Tea Party" in the House, win several tough Senate races and the top prize – Obama's re-election.

Moving forward, Democrats will have a leg up on their competition, Wasserman Schultz said, thanks to Obama's widely-praised grassroots campaign, Organizing for America, transitioning into a legislative action group called Organizing for Action.

"Organizing for Action will enable us to keep our volunteers engaged in issue advocacy to help pass the president's legislative agenda, while training the next generation of grassroots organizers and leaders in communities across the country," she said.

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Citing the same top liberal issues Obama did, Wasserman Schultz pledged to fellow DNC members to make progress on comprehensive immigration reform, gay rights, equal pay and gun reform.

"The president has laid out our version – we must give him the tools to succeed; that is our job," she said.

Though pundits and conservatives labeled Obama's second inaugural address a liberal call to arms, it was Wasserman Shultz on Tuesday who made a full-throated, partisan battle cry, calling on Democrats to "fight tooth and nail" against Obama's opponents.

"They are going to try and stop us and throw roadblocks in our path. They don't want everyone in American to have an opportunity to be successful [and] they don't care about the middle class and working families," she said. "We're going to have to remind them what this election was about."

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So while House Republicans have indicated they are going to be more judicious about picking their battles with the Democratically-controlled White House and Senate, the DNC and Democrats in Congress are expected to push many battles front and center..

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