Presidential Hopefuls Plant Flags on Gun Control

Democrats come out strong for change, Republicans tread more cautiously.

Democratic Govs. Andrew Cuomo of New York, left, and Martin O'Malley of Maryland, right, are pushing for new gun control laws.
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Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan

The former Republican vice presidential candidate has not made any official statement on the issue of gun violence or any potential reforms, according to his congressional press office. But while he was campaigning prior to the December shootings in Newtown, Conn., which cost 28 people their lives, Ryan told Outdoor Life magazine he was worried about what Obama's second term gun agenda would be.

"I worry about what his attitude will be once he never has to face voters again," he said. "And that to me is a concern, just as a gun owner, that this is somebody who has a history of being hostile to the Second Amendment. He hasn't, for political reasons I believe, done much to go after the Second Amendment, but his history, his party, lead me to be concerned about what he would be like in a second term."

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