Consumer Reports Ranks iPhone 5 Worst Top Smartphone

In magazine's February smartphone rankings, the iPhone 5 doesn't fare well.

Despite worldwide mayhem at Apple stores upon its release, rankings suggest the iPhone 5 fails to keep up with the pack.
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Product review magazine Consumer Reports rates the iPhone 5 as the worst of the top smartphones available, and not even among the top three best phones available to customers of Verizon.

The latest iPhone helped Apple capture the majority share of the U.S. smartphone market for the first time, but critics seem to think the company's competitors have caught up. In ranking the available smartphones of each of the largest wireless providers, Consumer Reports put the iPhone 5 at the bottom for all but one provider, according to Business Insider.

For Verizon, the country's largest wireless provider, the iPhone 5 did not even make the list. Reviewers ranked three smart phones that use the Android operating system as the best available. Two Motorola Droid Razr phones and the Samsung Galaxy S III were rated above the iPhone 5 for the carrier.

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For two other carriers, AT&T and Sprint, Consumer Reports ranked the iPhone 5 as the third-best available smartphone. At both carriers, the Samsung Galaxy S III and the LG Optimus G scored higher than the iPhone 5.

Android phones dominated the magazine's rankings. All of the top-rated phones at each carrier use Google's operating system except for the two third-place iPhones. Google's hardware fares well also, as two phones made by Motorola, which the search giant recently purchased, beat out the iPhone 5 in the magazine's Verizon smartphone rankings.

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The reviewers' top choice is the LG Optimus G, which it ranks above the Samsung Galaxy S III for both AT&T and Sprint customers.

Consumer Reports' previous reviews of the iPhone 5 don't indicate the magazine deems it an inferior product. When the phone was released in October, the magazine called it a "worthy upgrade" and "another winning smartphone from Apple, based on our initial review."

Either Consumer Reports' initial opinion has changed or Apple's competitors have caught up, as the iPhone 5 is doing anything but winning in its February smartphone rankings.

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