Samsung, Sony Impress at CES 2013 Day One

With the big guns sitting out, the world's largest electronics show got started on Tuesday.

People check out Sony's new Xperia Z smartphones after a news conference at the CES show in Las Vegas, Monday, Jan. 7, 2013.
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For the first time in a long time, Microsoft didn't kick off the CES electronics show with a keynote address—last year, the software giant announced it would sit out the 2013 edition. With Apple, Microsoft, and Google all absent, it's been Samsung's show so far. Here's what happened on the first day of the industry's largest convention, which will run through Friday.

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Samsung wowed on day one, introducing an ultra high-definition, 110-inch TV, an internet-connected refrigerator with a touchscreen and apps, and a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch tablet. Its F8000 TV will be between 46 and 75 inches and can be controlled with a users' voice; and it will be Internet- and social networking-enabled. The company's "Smart Hub" will act as a kind of home screen for TV watchers, allowing people to use hand gestures to navigate through different TV options.

Lenovo introduced its "Horizon 27"—a 27-inch touchscreen "table" PC that could one day replace board games on family coffee tables. The massive computer weighs nearly 18 pounds and is just 1.1 inches thick. It will come with a pair of air-hockey knockers, joysticks, and even wi-fi enabled dice. The company showed off demos of air hockey, Monopoly, and other family card, board, and shoot-em-up games. The entry-level version will cost $999 and be available early this summer.

Sony, meanwhile, announced the Xperia Z, an Android smartphone that boasts a 5-inch screen; a 13-megapixel camera and a quad-core processor; two new types of ultra-HDTVs (that will likely cost less than the company's existing $25,000 model); and a new line of water-resistant phones.

The offbeat also made an appearance Tuesday. According to a CNN report, the HAPIfork is a smart … uhh, fork that will keep track of how many bites you take and will alert you if you're eating too fast. The fork is supposed to be ready for dinner plates in April.

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Not to be outdone by Google, who announced its Google Glass project last year, Vuzix showed off its M100 smart glasses which tether to a smartphone to make calls, watch and record high definition video and search for directions.

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