8 Things That Will Cost Consumers More in 2013

A rising tax bill isn't the only expense consumers have to worry about this year.

Business school applicants who think they can Tweet their way into an MBA program may be in for a surprise.
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Still, consumers can actually save money over the long run by rustling up the cash to pay full price for a phone and opting for a cheaper service plan, Sakraida says.

7. Shipping: The cost to ship packages could see an almost 5 percent hike in 2013, with major freight companies UPS and FedEx both planning to up prices in the new year, according to Dealnews. That means free shipping perks from retailers could get scarcer or the dollar-amount thresholds higher.

8. Anything made with copper: A new fund to trade copper approved by the Securities Exchange Commission could result in a scarcity of the metal, which could drive up prices for everything from water pipes used in plumbing to beer and candy. Plenty of consumer items such as pots and kettles are made from copper, as well as equipment used to brew beer and manufacture candy. Higher prices for that equipment could mean you'll pay more for your vices this year.

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