Website Lets Consumers Compare Local Beer Prices for the Best Deal

Consumers and small craft brewers benefit from tools that let consumers find the best beer prices.
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If you can price compare everything from airfare to credit cards to laptops, why not your favorite beers?

That's what Jennifer and Mark Davidson wanted to know before they launched SaveOnBrew, a site where users can enter their ZIP code and get a run-down of the best beer deals in their area.

"All our friends knew we were the go-to people for beer prices," Davidson says, "It was almost a joke when the conversation came up about creating a website."

Two years later, it's no joke. Davidson expects the site to eclipse 1 million hits this year and the website's Facebook following has surged to more than 25,000 fans. She only expects that number to grow, especially given that more Americans prefer beer to wine now, according to a recent Gallup poll.

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But keeping the fridge stocked with the bubbly beverage can get pricey. That's why she and her team have built an impressive database of beer vendors around the country, which aggregates deals offered by major supermarkets and convenience stores. Local vendors can also send in their deals directly to SaveOnBrew.

In accordance to their mission to be "all things beer," the site also has a blog about beer culture, beer-related infographics, and other resources including a crucial section on curing beer hangovers (you might want to bookmark that).

But SaveOnBeer isn't just about arming consumers with the information they need to get the best deals on beer for their next house party, it's also giving smaller craft brewers an opportunity to get the word out about their brand.

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Central Texas-based Guadalupe Brewing Company, a new microbrewery that pumps out delicious-sounding variations like Texas Honey Ale and Scotch Ale, has used SaveOnBrew's map functionality, which allows users to see where they can purchase Guadalupe Brewing Company's products.

Although the brewery's beers are only available at local watering holes right now, the potential extra exposure the company gets from partnering with SaveOnBrew could help propel the business to greater notoriety in the area.

"We don't really have the money for advertising at this point," says Anna Kilker who founded the company with her husband Keith in May 2012. "[We] really have to rely on customer loyalty," and sites like SaveOnBrew help connect the brewery to its fans, she says.

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Next up for SaveOnBrew is launching a new feature called Beer Alerts. Users just plug in two ZIP codes—most likely work and home—and pick as many as three beer brands to track. If one or more go on sale, an e-mail lets you know to stop by your local supermarket on the way home.

But whether your favorite beer is Pabst Blue Ribbon or Stella Artois, there's no judgement when it comes to the SaveOnBrew site.

"Beer is very subjective," Davidson says. "It's like one man's trash is another man's treasure."

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