Homeland Recap: Closer to Closure

Carrie's 'sixth sense' is right again, but what will become of Brody?

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In terms of the romance stuff, I would be far more open to it if there was something more going on under the mushy, star-crossed, 'Spy Who Loved Me' story. If I'm right, and there is something more going on with Brody's devotion to Carrie — if he realizes that, personal feelings aside, manipulation is his best plan for survival — then I think the show has plenty of ammo to carry into the third season. If it really is just devolving into a Nicholas Sparks novel, then I think Homeland will burn out pretty quickly.

Greg: Both of those plot lines, which would help the third season move along, seem way too plausible for the insanity we've been fed throughout Season 2. However, something has to come out of left field (other than an attempt on Brody's life, which is clearly coming) to keep the ball rolling, otherwise everything seems to be falling into place in a neat and tidy order. That's not how this show has ever worked. Every action, every consequence, every character has a grey area, and when those grey areas mesh, we get something that looks like Carrie's rainbow flow chart from Season 1. Something completely unpredictable is on the horizon for next week, but I can't begin to guess what that will be based on how we got to where we are right now. I'll play along, if only being entertained by Saul's gruff and agitated state. He's had some great moments as we come to a close on the season.

Tierney: It was not lost on me the irony of Estes yelling at Saul, "You continually undermine me," when a few episodes ago, Estes was depending on Saul to make the tough decisions in Beirut. By playing politics at the cost of national security, Estes has undermined himself. He can try and blackmail Saul all he would like, but I think the revelation of the drone cover-up and the plot to kill Brody will make up a big part of Season 3.

Speaking of said plot, was it just me or did Quinn seem a little hesitant to move forward with the assassination plan the second time around? I would love to see the season end with Quinn abandoning his job as Estes' angsty lap dog, and going rogue, Mathison-style.

Greg: Even as we are led to believe that Quinn is a rogue mercenary, I think he understands the gravity of what Brody's death would mean inside and outside the CIA. The weight of a U.S. congressman suddenly dying isn't going to be something that Estes and the CIA can gloss over, and that's not even taking into consideration that Brody would have died within days of the man who held him in captivity for eight years. Also, I don't think Carrie would handle that well. Do you think the Internet could handle the scene where Claire Danes discovers a dead Brody? It would live on an infamy.

Tierney: Her chin would just crumble. Literally, just like fall apart.

Brody's death would also mean shutting down the storylines of about half the characters. We will also have to say goodbye to Dana's teenage hissy fits and Chris's…Wait, there is nothing about Chris Brody that we will miss. Nevertheless, I don't see that happening anytime soon. I hate to break it to you, Greg, but I think we are heading towards more snuggle-fests by the cabin fire.

Greg: I hope Carrie stocked up on some Yorkshire Gold in the meantime.