Surveillance Footage Shows Jet Crash into Virginia Beach Apartment Complex

Video shows a flash, followed by smoke and flames.

The scene of a jet crash is covered in foam on April 6, 2012, in Virginia Beach, Va.
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The Virginia Beach Fire Department has released surveillance camera footage of the F/A-18D jet that crashed into an apartment complex this past spring, miraculously resulting in no fatalities.

The camera pans left to right as a sudden flash of gray shoots across the screen in the video published by The Virginian-Pilot. It then shakes from the immediate crash, and smoke begins to appear around the frame. In the next shot, the camera shows the smoldering apartment building. Local residents initially back away, then rushing toward the scene.

[NAVY: Dual-Engine Failure Caused Crash]

The two-minute video eventually shows the emergency response unfolding as ambulances and fire trucks arrive.

The Navy announced that a rare malfunction on the Super Hornet caused both jet engines to fail, leading to the April 6 crash. The pilot was able to eject safely.

The pilot's reaction to the mechanical failure was "reasonable and appropriate," according to Naval Air Force Atlantic commander Rear Adm. Ted Branch, who briefed the press in July following an investigation.

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