Republicans on Capitol Hill Eye Immigration Reform to Win Back Latino Voters

Republicans look to move immigration agenda forward on the Hill in order to appeal to Latino voters.

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"The election was extremely close, but with the changing demographics, the same election in four years or eight years would not be close," Spies says. "I believe that we have to engage and have to be the leaders on comprehensive immigration reform. The unfortunate thing over the last eight years is that Democrats have been able to take the issue away from us when in fact President George W. Bush was one of the leaders in immigration reform."

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Spies says the Super PAC is in the midst of developing its political plan, but he envisions the PAC will support Republican candidates in primary and general election races for the House and the Senate who lead on immigration.

"We as Republicans believe in pro-growth economics, and we have a good story to tell the Latino community about economic empowerment," Spies says. "We want to encourage more great leaders like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Bobby Jindal to share the message."

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