Petraeus Whistleblower Jill Kelley Living Large, But Is Flat Broke

The woman at the root of the scandal that led to the downfall of David Petraeus owes millions to banks and credit card companies, court documents show.


Jill Kelley looks out the window of her home in Tampa, Fla. Gen. David Petraeus is seen on the television in the background.

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Yet in a single year, the Kelley clan spent $43,317 in meals and entertainment connected to the foundation, according to tax filings. They spent $8,822 in travel expenses, and $3,740 in office-related expenses, though the nonprofit was based in their home.

The foundation did not file tax information past 2007.

But it's clear the Kelleys' connections had perks—though they couldn't save Natalie from her own money troubles.

Both four-star generals caught in the scandal vouched for Natalie in letters supporting her in a custody battle over her son.

Not only did the judge in the case award Natalie's ex-husband custody last year of their now 4-year-old son, John, but he also told Natalie to pay his legal bills amounting to $350,000.

She filed for bankruptcy in April after racking up more than $3 million in debt, according to federal court records. Court filings indicate that the debt included an $800,000 personal loan from Jill and Scott Kelley.

The status of Natalie's most recent custody appeal was not known.

None of the lawyers listed in the reams of court documents returned phone calls

The only information from the Kelley family came in a statement from their superstar crisis manager, Judy Smith, who pleaded for privacy.

Jill's brother David Khawam, an attorney based in Mount Laurel, N.J., told the Burlington County Times he spoke with her Sunday.

"She was doing okay. I don't know how she's handling it now," Khawam, 40, told the paper.

—By Marty Clear and Stephen Rex Brown / New York Daily News

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