Leaders' Reactions Shows Increasingly Complicated World

Israel, Taliban are among those less thrilled with election outcome.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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His re-election comes two days before the Chinese Communist Party Congress convenes to declare new leadership in secretive deliberations among the country's top political echelon. Current President Hu Jintao will likely cede power to Vice President Xi Jinping.

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Neighboring countries reaffirmed their support of Obama for more practical reasons. Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Osama Fujimura said the strength of U.S.-Japanese relations grows increasingly important, VOA reports, as security in the region begins to deteriorate.

Japan and China have flexed their respective naval muscle in recent months as both countries, particularly China, seeks to redefine its influence on the region.

The president of South Korea, which shares a border with a volatile and shrouded dictatorship to its north, sent a letter to Obama declaring relations between the two countries had never been more steady.

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