Homeland Recap: The Battle of Gettysburg

Brody's cooperation is already in question as a mystery man rains bullets on a covert CIA operation.

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But the major question going forward is whether Brody is being honest about not tipping off Roya, and if he is, whether she has figured it out anyway. I am inclined to believe that he is being honest, as the show usually lets us know when he is up to no good. But I wouldn't be surprised if Roya has figured that Carrie and Co. are using him anyway, and will use Brody as a pawn to bait the CIA.

Greg: I think after being stonewalled by both the CIA and Jess, Mike's last line is to confront Brody himself. I can't imagine that ending well for Major Faber.

I'm surprised you think that Brody is being honest with Carrie, because I don't trust him at all. I think he is going to do exactly what he did last season: prey on Carrie's mental state, and ultimately double-time the CIA, whether it be through his political clout or his terrorist network. Brody ultimately is acting to protect his family, the last (and maybe only) true allegiance he has in his life. Roya may know more than the show lets on, but Brody threw her a huge bone on the Gettysburg tip.

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Speaking of the Gettysburg scene, the whole thing bothered me. Where are Hezbollah agents getting SWAT team armor? No one in Gettysburg hears this immense gun battle going on? The FBI and CIA spent hours in a sensitive site exploitation scenario and never discovered a false wall? I might be nitpicking, but the whole thing seemed a little far fetched.

Tierney: I agree with your concerns about the Gettysburg attack, and will add to it: Why didn't the attackers make sure that everyone was dead, especially Quinn, the lead CIA agent? But I have come to give Homeland the benefit of the doubt when it comes to game-changing moments like that (like the bag that held Brody's confession tape, or Brody's SOS text to Nazir). I was more bothered by the plausibility of the hospital scene. I think the writers could have figured out a convincing way to show Dana's concern for the woman Finn ran over that didn't involve her waltzing into an ICU without any identifying information and running into the woman's daughter.

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I think Brody is being honest with Carrie about his knowledge of the raid, not because I trust his motives (I don't), but because Roya appears to like to keep Brody in the dark as much as she possibly can. By the sketchiness of the whole Gettysburg situation — both that Brody got his vest from the tailor, and that Brody was ordered to escort him to a safe house — you would think Nazir was running a bare bones operation in the United States. However the slew of SWAT posers that descended on Quinn and the gang suggests a larger network is involved. Or maybe the mystery man was just a gun for hire.

At the pace this season is moving I expect we will know more about his and Brody's involvement very soon.

Greg: In the meantime, I am going wonder why they threw in a shout out to The Wreck of the Hesperus. That couldn't have been a mistake, right? That's what they call foreshadowing, right? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Tierney: I think it means Brody is a slob and Jessica was an English major, but what do I know? Until next week.

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