SEAL Team Six Ushers in the Osama bin Laden Raid Fan Fiction

Nat Geo's SEAL Team Six: The Raid on bin Laden celebrates the major U.S. success


Though the killing of Osama bin Laden does not lessen the pain of the thousands of lives he took, and the many more since lost in pursuit of al Qaeda. It lets the heroes be heroes again. SEAL Team Six adds a little depth and color to the anonymous figures who become its characters, but not much. And the film lets its viewers feel unambiguously good about their country again. After the success of the mission, Vivian, SEAL Team Six's star CIA agent, tells her faux- documentarians, "There aren't many moments in life when you get to realize that everything you sacrificed for a goal was worth it." SEAL Team Six, and in meta-sense, the bin Laden raid, allows its war-weary audience to walk away with that confidence.

Next in line is Zero Dark Thirty, directed and produced by Hurt Locker's Kathryn Bigelow. Time will tell whether it follows along in the parade.

SEAL Team Six: The Raid on bin Laden premieres Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.

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