Homeland Recap: New Spy, New Lies

Carrie turns Brody into a double agent, while Finn asks Dana to lie about a car accident

Jackson Pace as Chris Brody, Morgan Saylor as Dana Brody and Timothee Chalamet as Finn Walden in Homeland (Season 2, Episode 5).
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Danielle: Awww. I never knew you were the bad-boy-vice-president's-son-type. Anyway, I'm not even sure Dana needs to tell anyone about her joyride with Finn; Jessica seems to already know something is up, and I bet she gets it out of Dana sooner rather than later. Which would give Jessica her own secret to decide whether to tell or keep from Brody.

As this week's episode wasn't exactly action-packed, I think it's time we bring up someone who doesn't have a lot of action lately: Saul. Suddenly in the last few episodes, the writers have decided to give us much less Inigo Montoya. I wonder if he simply served his purpose last season — showing how the CIA can take over your life and ruin your relationships--and now is back to being Carrie's fairy godfather.

Either way, I miss him. Saul's the most stable and sane character we've got...which, come to think of it, is maybe why I've read so many other show-recaps of this sort that see him as shady. Homeland doesn't really let anybody be for this long. What do you think, Tierney? Is Saul a wolf in beardy-middle-aged-man's clothing?

Tierney: I can't say I subscribe to the Shady Saul theories, but you're right, this season has been easy on him and every character on this show needs their flaws. Saul has to have flaws darker than occasionally grumpiness. I think so far this season his primary role has to been to be a foil to Estes and some of Carrie's other colleagues — Saul cares about Carrie's well being when they are most interested in her utility. To have him have less than benevolent motives would be a huge twist, but too big for Homeland? And remember, there was a suggestion in season 1 that there was a mole aside from Brody working in the CIA.

Though this episode was "slower" and more character focused, I think it was definitely necessary to take a break from the action. Turning Brody into a double agent opens so many possibilities — nerve-racking operations, breathtaking close calls, mind rattling revelations, and also, plenty of moral ambiguity. But it took an intensely intimate "Q&A", as the episode was called, to make such a transformation believable. I am sure we will have plenty of action to come.

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