10 Halloween Costumes Inspired by the 2012 Campaign

Need a Halloween costume? Look no further than to Obama and Romney's race for the White House.

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Are you struggling to find a costume for Halloween? Luckily it's an election year, and that means there are plenty of political memes, gaffes, and zingers to inspire your outfit. Here are some ideas, modeled by the dashing U.S. News intern Seth Cline:

The Romney Grandkids

Recreate this adorable Romney family Christmas card by gathering 15 friends to play his 16 grand children. Have the men wear blue gingham shirts and the women wear orange polka dot dresses.

Etch a Sketch

You can make your own, fully functional Etch a Sketch costume, a reference to a Romney campaign adviser's characterization of their post-primary strategy. Obviously, there is a sexy version you can buy as well.

Bain's Bane

Rush Limbaugh suggested this summer's blockbuster film The Dark Knight Rises named its chief villain after the private equity company founded and led by Mitt Romney. Well, it turns out the character was created decades ago by self-proclaimed "lifelong conservatives." But that doesn't mean you can't conflate the two this Halloween by wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, and donning this Bane mask.

Clint Eastwood

In a nod to one of the weirdest political convention speeches ever: Find an empty chair at the Halloween party you are attending. Mock it from time to time. A mobile rolling desk chair also works for trick or treating and/or Halloween bar crawls.

Joe Biden

Wear aviator sunglasses and laugh incessantly whenever the person you are with is speaking.

Fire Me Elmo and Pan Handling Big Bird

Buy a costume straight from the Sesame Street store (they might need the money soon) and make a cardboard "Will Work for Food" sign.

P90X Paul Ryan

A grey T-shirt, red hat, and dumb bell is all you need to pump iron like this budget crusader, as pictured in Time.

Binders Full of Women

For the working ladies who want to make it home in time to cook dinner, just tape some binders on. If you are ordering your binders from Amazon.com, don't forget to read the comments.

Horses and Bayonets

You can rock the latest meme to break out from the presidential campaign by buying this equestrian costume (bonus points if you name the horse Rafalca), donning some Calvary gear, and carrying a Revolutionary War-era firearm.

The Undecided Voter

Wear two different types of shoes, two different types of socks, boxers and briefs...you just can't make up your mind!

Tierney Sneed is associate editor of U.S. News Opinion. You can follow her on Twitter or reach her at tsneed@usnews.com.