Homeland Recap: Brody's SMS SOS

Brody's blackberry won him the battle, but his tape could lose him the war

Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson and Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison appear in Homeland (season 2, episode 2).
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Despite the reemergence of "Hero Carrie" (and I'm glad this Carrie is re-emerging so soon), she is still sick. She started to lose it again when she was resting in bed in Beirut — and I think that might be a recurring problem for her. She can keep her cool in the most chaotic, dangerous situations, but in those quiet moments she falls apart. Even though a big part of the reason she cracked while in the hospital last season was that she hadn't taken her bipolar meds, I think, the medication factor aside, she is at her mental best immersed in the action, and at her worst when she is completely removed from it.

I think a lot of the upcoming episodes will focus on her wavering from the flashes of brilliance and the panic of self doubt that's weighing her down.

Greg: That is where the show will find its ability to transition over 12 episodes. Carrie walks this tightrope between CIA wunderkind and calamitous mental wreck, so much that even if she does fall back into Langley's good graces, her own personal flaws are going to get in the way. Let's hope it doesn't ultimately get in the country's way.

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