Remembering Steve Jobs on First Anniversary of Death

The world remembers the Apple cofounder and CEO a year after his death.

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Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs died one year ago today from pancreatic cancer.

Apple's homepage today features a video dedication to Jobs, and a Business Insider piece includes the video as well as the text of a note written by Apple's current CEO, Tim Cook.

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Forbes details today how Steve Jobs is still the best corporate storyteller, and CNN reports on how Jobs's legacy has changed.

Jobs's death on Oct. 5, 2011, led to a spontaneous outpouring of global grief as fans gathered worldwide, iPhones and iPods in hand, to pay tribute. Many quietly placed bouquets of flowers outside the doors of Apple stores.

Since Jobs died, the company he co-founded in 1976 has become the world's most valuable, and its stock has risen more than 70 percent. The iPhone 5 has sold millions and is on sale in 30 countries.

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The company has also come out on top in court, where it won a $1 billion in a landmark patent verdict against Samsung in August.

However, not all has gone smoothly: Apple CEO Cook recently had to apologize for the poor performance of the maps app incorporated into the new iPhone 5.